Natalbany Baptist Church
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Love Deeper, Serve Greater, Care More

Sunday School

Come visit us for Sunday School on Sunday Mornings @ 9:00. We have classes for all ages.  Our mission is to lead people to a relationship with Jesus Christ who empowers them for spiritual growth.
Children's 1
Nursery thru 2 yrs old
3 yrs old thru Kindergarten - One of the ladies rotating listed above.
               Our belief is that one is never too young or old to learn about Jesus. 
               We look forward to teaching your child soon.
1st & 2nd grade
               Come join in on the fun. We are learning so much about Jesus and we are
               having fun doing it. Did you know that Jesus is your best friend? Come
               see us Sunday mornings and you can learn a lot more stuff I bet you didn't know.
3rd-4th grade -Cliff Harper
               Sunday Morning classes are an excellent way to help children learn about God
                and His plans for us.  We use Lifeway's Bible Teaching for kids series to study
               Bible based lessons.
 See  you Sunday Morning @ 9:00.
5th-8th grade - Ms. Jessie Hoover
     In Miss Jessie's class we are EXPLORING THE BIBLE! Come join us as we start a new expedition.
Youth- Raegan Zieske
          We have an amazing Sunday School class. Going thru today's topics and relating them to the Bibles way of dealing with them. Sunday School is very important especially to the teen years. We have the  responsibility of equipping our kids with as much Bible based beliefs as we can so they can take it with them to the "real world."  We have been study "How to be good stewards in the church." Learning how to use our time, money, & talents wisely in the Lord.
If you haven't been to Sunday School lately, you are missing out on a blessing.  Come join us on Sunday mornings @ 9:00.
College & Career 
     We have "Exploring the Bible."  In our college & career years we may be carrying books or manuals around daily, but the most important book to have with us is the Bible.  As we
explore the Bible we are hiding His word in our hearts.  In today's world the Bible is the only true
instruction manual we can live by.  We hope to see you Sunday morning @ 9:00.
All our Adult classes or devised to represent age groups or particular life stages. While this is helpful, no one is turned from away from any class. Any person may attend where he or she feels they best fit.
This class is designed for young married couples and young adults thru the age of 50. This class along with a Wednesday Night class is led by Danny and Renee Carter.
Agape Class - Harlan Hart Teacher
Agape is a Koine Greek word translated into English as love, particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for humankind.  In the New Testament, it refers to the love of God for humans as well as the human reciprocal love for God.
Our class is comprised primarily of couples, although we also have some single members.