Natalbany Baptist Church
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Love Deeper, Serve Greater, Care More
Justin & Catherine
Laine & some dude??
Popa T & Noodle
Patrick & Timothy
Delicious camp food!!!
Noodle found his place in Panama City, FL
Freezing for this picture on Scenic 7 near Lurton, Arkansas
Just grabbing some burgers & shakes @ STEAK N SHAKE
Branson, MO
Naomi & Nancy
Things get pretty crazy in this van!!
Justin, Brady, Catherine & Makaila
How many people does it take to zip a luggage bag???? Long Story
Speaking of long story.....See story below
Just waiting on show to start!
2 best Youth Pastors
Kevin & Matt
Noodle & Harley
Our group and Northpoint
Ok so here's the story, we were all jammed packed and ready to go home.
You know you always come home with more than you came with. We are
20 minutes into the ride home when one of our chaperones realizes he
don't have his wallet. So we pull over, unzip the bags to find no wallet.
Now we are driving back to the house, pulling luggage out, having to rearrange
it to get it back secure. He finds his wallet in the night stand just where he
left it.
Oh I left the part out that it was FREEZING COLD! The kind of cold that
"it's so cold your fingernails hurt!"
Maybe next time I'll hold to Brennon's wallet.
ooops did I just say who we were talking about!