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September Newletter

Date: Wednesday, September 26, 2012
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September Newsletter
                                            1                                                                                                 3
                              Michele Mulkey                                                        Mr. Harlan & Ms. Linda Hart - 47 years
                                           2                                                                                                   8
                              John Crayton                                                             Mr. Johnny & Ms. Rita Vicaro - 56 years
                              Sarah Strahan
                                         4                                                                                                    14
                               Mia Byer                                                                     Mr. Lou & Ms. Glenda Becnel - 26 years
                              Stewart Partridge
                                        5                                                                                                     16
                              Stephanie Addison                                                     Mr. Kurt & Ms. Tammy Davidge - 23 years
                              Johnathan Johson
                              Noah Nuccio
                              Clare Zanca
                              Norman Randall
                              Gabrielle Zito
                              Linda Anthony
                              Andy Lofton
                              Tracy Miller
                              Joan Iverstine
                              Maci Gerarve
                              Johnnie Ridgel
                              Pam Newman
                              Brenda Parent
                              Eunice Fendlason
                              Dorothy Hardy
                              Nathan Harris
                              Allaina Schneller
                              Liz Smith
                              Amie Cuti
                              Janie Newby
                              Nathan Nordin
                              Micheal Ribando sr.
                              Betty Depriest
                              Annalea Giamalva
                              Sarah Zito
                              C.J. Stuart
                              Keith Maddox
                              Patrick Guzzardo
                              Cade Pickering
                              Gerald Colona
                              Chuck Sharp
September 12th - Serving Lunch at the Baptist Collegiate Ministry @ SLU
September 16-  Baptism and Picnic at Camp Living Water
September 18- Fall Food Round Up Pick at 8:00
September 23- Soul Sister's Meeting
September 30- Lord's Supper
For more events see Calendar.
I think it was Robert Lewis Stevenson in the opening lines
of his book, " The Tale of Two Citys", who said , " It was the
best of times. It was the owrst of times."  How this continues to
be true.  Isaac was a bad storm, but God demonstrated His grace
to His people.  Yes, we are greatly Blessed.
Because of some phone complications  that I was not able
to silence, I had my cell phone number changed. I apologized for any
inconvience.  If you need to reach me, please call the church office
@ 985-345-4002 or home @ 985-345-7654.
      Here are a few opportunities for you to minister and to be
involved in the life of our church.
     On Wednesday, the 12th, servers are needed at the
Baptist Collegiate Ministries at noon. This is our time to
feed the students of S.L.U. Call Richaleen at the office for the
information if you need to.
         On Sunday, September 16th, we have our annual baptismal service
and picnic at Camp Living Waters. Baptism will begin at the river at 4:00 P.M.
Picnicking will start thereafter up at the picnic grounds. The water slide will
be open from 5:00 to 7:00 and the swimming pool will be staffed with life guards from 5:30 to 6:30.
For the picnic food, the church will provide pulled pork, buns, tea, lemonade,
and paper products. You are asked to bring salads, vegetables or
desserts. (Bring enough to share, please.)
     **An added note: To be prepared for any possible mosquito bites,
please bring insect repellant with DEET in it. Also, for children, we have learned
that Vitamin B-1 is a great deterrent too.   
     Be sure to read the insert about the Fall Food Round-Up for the Louisiana
Baptist Children’s Home.
     The Congregation on Wednesday night agreed to merge the remainder of the
Bell Tower Fund with the Van Fund, This gives us $11,860.00 in the Van Fund. Our goal is $20,000.
This month on September  9, 2012 we welcome Tori Gay as guest
music leader.  She attended school here; lives in Columbia, MS; but is soon to be
a resident of TN.  It is a joy to have her to encourage us to worship our  God.
I would also like for us to not forget that Tuesday, September 11th. We
remeber tha attack on our shore by terrists who were thwarted in
their planned destruction!  Praise God for the countless heroes who gave or
risked their lives that fateful day.  Two thousand nine hundred seventy-seven
innocent people were murdered that day, September 11, 2011 which to use
President Roosevelt's phrase, "will live long in infamy."
Soul Sisters
In August, we had our 1st ever
“Accessory Swap and Fabulous
Fashion Show.”
What a “FABULOUS” time it was to have so many friends and 
visitors to get to meet, and share this special time.
Good friends, good food, and good fellowship.
 Our Ladies meet each month on the third Sunday from
4:00 to 6:00 PM in the churchcafeteria. For the month of September, 
our church will meet at Camp Living Waters
 for a special time of baptism and picnic.  Hope to see you there, and bring a
friend this is always a fun and exciting time.
In God’s Service,
Stacy Harris
Yummy cup cakes!
Jordyn with Gunny sack dress,chain belt & look at her hose.
Zac wearing a "crop" top & "capri" pants
Krista modeling the classic "Teddy"
Matea wearing a Hawaiian Moo Moo & large "panty hose"
Ms. Dannye looking to trade her accessory
Jordyn & Ms. Phine
Worked up an appetite
We know how have a party!
Thanks to Ms. Mary & One Stop Party our Fashion Show was a hit.
Janie with a "print" dress, "tie" belt, & "cap" sleeves
Raven modeling  a "balloon" gown, with a "scoop" neck line & check out those "darts"
Reagan is wearing a"straw" hat, & a "La-bel" skirt
Check out Kayleigh's "tent" dress!
Harley is wearing the classic "T" shirt, "bell" bottom jeans, & boat shoes.
Heather and her "HOT" pants
Samantha is modeling the latest "24 carrot" gold dress with a "Plunging" neck line.
Check out Nathan's "bathing" suit.
Well hello September!
What season is it?
Yes it is and our youth are working
the LSU games. We are so proud
of their hard work.Keep up the Great 
Work Fusion.
 I heard someone saythe other day, "Grrrr kids these days."
Yes kids are different than when you grew up, but the challenges
they have are also different.  Consider the world they are
living in compared to the world you grew up in. Check out these
By the age of 18
The number of violent acts a child sees on tv is 200,000
The number of murders seen on tv is 16,000
The number of minutes per week that parents spend in
 MEANINGFUL conversation with their children: 38.5!!
That is just to name a few.
How can we complain if we are not spending the time
with them to instile the values we are wanting
them to have? Television is not a good babysitter.
Before you complain about "Teenagers of today",
Pray for them.
Upcoming Events in September
September 22 We will be going to
Camp Living Waters for an overnight
Rally with Northpoint Youth Group from
Shreveport. If you are interested in going
call Hope at the church office for
more information. The cost is $50 per person.
Adopt a Puppet
Our Youth group is putting together a Puppet/Drama Team.
We are practicing now for a Christmas Musical/ Puppet Show.
We are in need of Puppets. If you would like to donate to this
team or "Adopt a Puppet", send check with puppet written in memo.
Puppet prices are ranging from $69-$95 each.
Matt and I would like to Thank everyone that supports FUSION.
Your support will be blesssed and have a lasting effect on these teens.

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