Natalbany Baptist Church
Thursday, January 17, 2019
Love Deeper, Serve Greater, Care More
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Becoming A Christian

First of all, accept that....
     • God loves you.  He loved you so much that he allowed His very own Son to take the blame for your sin (John 3:16).
     • Christ died for you and everyone who has sinned against Him (Romans 5:8b).
Rocognize that....
     • Everyone sins.  No exceptions! (Romans 3:23)
     • Sin separates you from God.  The price you should reasonably pay is separation (death) from God, but He has another way (Romans 6:23).
Believe that....
     • Jesus is the answer.  Believe in Jesus.  The says that believing Jesus is God's Son is the first step toward faith (Acts 16:31).
     •Admit to God that you are a sinner.  ask god to forgive you and to allow you to live with Him forever (1 John 1:9).
     • Don't just say you're sorry but ask God to help you change your ways.  Do an about-face.  Ask god to help you stop doing what you shouldn't and do what you should (Acts 3:19).
     • Tell others about you faith in Jesus.  Confess to others what Jesus has done for you and how He has changed your life (Romans 10:9).
     • Live in a way that pleases God.  God wants you to follow His guilelines for living.  This will be your testimony to your new life in Him (John 14:15).  take the next step of obedience through baptism.  Then grow through fellowship and worship with other believers.